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ONE INTEGRA GROUP has been in the business for 11 years engaging more than 35 Leading Multi National Companies in Indonesia as Marketing Partner.
Consist of young professional from various background, we will help our client to select the best marketing investment. Nationwide coverage with representative in 30+ cities, we will help our clients to stretch their business in Indonesia.

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Marketing Investment Process

Analyze Market Data

The key to have best marketing strategy is preliminary analysis. Marketer must be able to utilize historical data to learn market growth and potential additional growth if company must invest marketing fund.

Select the right Marketing Activities

With the right potential growth target, company should select a set of marketing activities that fit the budget.

Implement Marketing Activities

By setting the target and the budget in the beginning will give a marketer to maximize the result of each activity. In addition, setting timelines and expectation is the most important thing in the execution phase. Ideally it will take a minimum of 1 month before company could deploy 1 marketing activities. In reality, company only has max of 2 weeks of preparation time due to several reasons. That’s why set expectation also important during the ramp up phase

Close Loop Monitoring

Marketer must aware with all marketing activities in place in daily basis. There are several ways to have close loop monitoring of marketing execution depend on the budget and priority.
The most popular one is daily web reporting with trend analysis application. Marketer would be able to revamp the strategy if the result is not inline with target.

Analyze Return on Marketing Investment

ROMI analysis will tell you whether you are a good marketer or not. Marketer must commit to their preliminary analysis and target. Yet, there would be some external variable that may change the result.

As long company can foresee this happen, marketer can always revise the target based on this fact.


Analyze existing channel ecosystem

Develop strategy based on client’s need

Execute and close loop monitoring

Calculate ROMI (return on marketing investment)


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Core Team

Faransyah Jaya

Faransyah Jaya

15 years working professionally (5 years in United States) in various industry sectors such as Telecommunications (Network and Handset), Information Technology (Hardware & Software), worked for Nokia and Microsoft and become a Marketing Consultant, Education, and Digital Solutions, where entrepreneurship into a passion-in his work. Faran experience in the field of Marketing, Channel, Retail, Sales, Key Accounts, Finance, Tax, Investment, and IT, combined with a Master's degree in Finance, BS in Economics, as well as certification in Marketing, and was taking doctoral courses have been able to resulted in 10 companies under One Integra Group.

Rick Sheffer (Rick)

Rick Sheffer (Rick)

Originating from the USA Rick has been a full-time resident in Indonesia since 1995. He is a passionate achiever who is motivated by inspiring change. Rick is a hands-on results orientated and high-spirited manager of people, processes and business development with over 20 years of cross-industry experience in Indonesia. A graduate of the University of Arizona Rick has a talent for business development and marketing, helping him to nurture and grow businesses and it’s people. Rick has 29 years of cross industry experience ranging from; digital marketing, event planning, audio-visual systems integration, hospitality management, manufacturing operations & International Sales.

Aditya A. Chusensi (Adit)

Aditya A. Chusensi (Adit)

Graduated in Economic Major in 1997. Started his career in 1997 as a Lending & Personal Banker Officer at PT. Bank Bukopin, Tbk. Surabaya. In 2000, moved to Jakarta and take a new challenges as a marketing & production officer at PT Pentasindo (belonging to Deny Malik). In 2004, joined with PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk in Marketing & Communication Division until 2010 (up to the period after changed into PT Bank CIMB Niaga, Tbk). In 2010, joined with PT Bank UOB Indonesia as a Brand Performance & Corp. Communications Manager. in 2013, eventually joining with One Integra Group to receive experiences and new challenges in pursuing a career as a Business Unit Head, and has brought & carry out several projects which are still runs, ie: INTEL, DELL, HTC, INDOSAT, Home Credit Indonesia (HCID).

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